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An excellent compound of mixing the active substances of mountain honey with pollen, to make you have the most powerful sexual weapons to end the problems of weakness and increase fertility


The most important energy-boosting stimulant in the world because it works to delay aging and rejuvenation, thanks to its containing about 18 vitamins and more than 25 minerals.

Palm Poilen

It works to increase the semen and the bad mental state as it improves premature ejaculation up to 120% better,

Ginseng Korean Red

A strong stimulant for the production of the male hormone testosterone, and helps to double sperm and increase fertility.

Wheat Germ Oil

Effective for balancing hormones and stimulating the sex glands to improve the energy of the organ muscles, which gives you more energy and control


It renews blood circulation in the penis by increasing blood flow, which helps in strengthening the surrounding organ and nerves


How to use


Stir well before use packaging


Eat a small spoon on an empty stomach


An additional dose half an hour before sexual intercourse


Improvement in your ability during the first month


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